Outdoor Lighting Installation

We offer outdoor lighting installation services.

There are various options you can choose from such as:

  • LED
  • Electric
  • Solar lights

You can add them to your decking area or as a border around your pathway, patio & driveway, etc.
You can also have outdoor lighting installed on to the front & rear of your house.

Able Greenscapes can provide and install Warm, Inviting Garden Lighting for All

This service will allow you to…

  • Highlight certain areas of your garden. You can display your most attractive flowers and hedges, even after dark
  • Host outdoor night parties for your family and friends. Your new, high quality lights will add both ambience and character
  • Increase the safety of your outdoor space. It’s hard to trip over if you can see where you’re going! Make sure that your paths are well illuminated
  • Spend even more time outside. Always fancied reading outside late in the day? Then hire us now
  • Effectively add an extension to your property. Most people don’t like to wander their garden after the sun’s gone down. Now it’s lit, you can

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